Charles R. Walter: Oak Studio – Upright Piano

Charles R. Walter Studio Piano in hand rubbed Oak Satin.  Originally hand built in 1987 right her in Indiana, this piano was lovingly cared for in a  family home.  Plays and sounds amazing, like a Walter is known for.

45″ Studio Pianos: These Professional Studio pianos are ruggedly designed to meet the most rigid school specifications and long hours of student practice.  The clean lines of this design and recessed toe-block present a more stylish appearance.  The ideal piano for schools, churches, auditoriums, homes, rectories, professional studios, practice rooms and colleges.

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SN# 510845


The Charles R. Walter studio piano is an American hand crafted piano like all of the Charles R. Walter pianos. All Charles R Walter Pianos are made of Only the best materials mostly from the US and Germany. Studios are 45 inches in height yet the bass strings are longer than most other 50-52 inch pianos.  A fallboard lock is included. 

Size: 45"

Bench: Matching bench included

Serial: 510845