Kayserburg KA2X

48.5″ Artists Series Vertical Piano

Capable of expressing all tonality shades and colors, the Kayserburg KA2X upright piano reflects every nuance of your musical passion. We dare you to compare against the world’s finest.

  • Silver Hardware
  • Silver Plated Regulating Front Castors
  • Rösslau wire, Copper Wound Bass Strings
  • PR 2.0 Hammers, German Felt
  • Solid Tapered Spruce Soundboard
  • Forward Tilting Piano Back
  • Asymmetric Back Post Structure
  • Wurzen AA Grade White Felt
  • Slow Fallboard
  • Ebony Sharps
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Size and Weight:

Height: 48.5″

Width: 60.25″

Depth: 25″

Weight: 564 LBS