Schimmel Classic Collection

The name Schimmel stands for quality.

All pianos in the Classic Collection are made in Germany and each of the grand pianos in the series are based on the design characteristics of the full size Konzert grand piano K280. The sound system in the middle and treble section and the action of the Schimmel Konzert grand piano K280 was transferred into the Classic grand pianos and thus, the tonal character and touch closely resembles a concert grand.

The Schimmel Classic Collection’s Unique Trilogy Concept

In the patented Schimmel Konzert concept, the well-established and ideal construction concepts for the large Konzert grand piano K 280, have been consistently integrated into the smaller model and, where possible, with identical construction. This enables pianists to enjoy the benefits of the outstanding touch and tonal characteristics of a large Koncert grand even when performing on smaller models. This concept and the Schimmel family of sound is unique worldwide.

Konzert Grand Piano Action

The large keyboard action assembly of the longest grand piano is integrated into the smaller model series, therefore providing optimum leverage ratios which allow the pianist the best possible control over his or her performance. This means that pianists performing on a variety of Schimmel grand piano models can always enjoy the pleasures of playing on a large-scale grand piano and have no need to adapt their performance technique according to different models.

Enlarged Soundboard

The dimensions of the soundboard are extraordinarily large in comparison to the length of the instrument: this is due to the extravagant form of our grand pianos in which ideal oscillation zones have space to develop in the soundboard. These zones permit a greater tonal volume and a superior tonal distribution.

The Ideal Soundboard Wood - Exclusive to Schimmel

Only spruce grown under specific climate circumstances in high mountain regions can be used to make a high quality soundboard. This wood, which is rare and of high value, is exclusively selected and reserved for Schimmel by the Bavarian forestry service.

Triplex Scale

Through the Triplex Scale the notes in parts of the middle and treble range are produced with the aid of three exactly coordinated areas of a single string, resulting in an increased richness in tone and a longer speaking length of these notes.