Schimmel Wilhelm Collection

This is your entry into the world of European piano music. 

Grand and upright pianos “Made in Europe” – for ambitious piano players.

The Wilhelm series is made in Europe in a Schimmel-owned facility.  There are two grand pianos and four upright pianos in the range. Wilhelm pianos feature a traditional look, solid workmanship, and European sound.

In addition to the uncompromising construction of quality uprights and grand pianos, it was and is a great concern of Schimmel to enable as many piano players as possible to purchase a genuine quality instrument. Therefore, the brand “Wilhelm” was created as a reminiscence of the company founder Wilhelm Schimmel.

Based on the traditional Schimmel constructions, quality instruments are manufactured in our own European production in Kalisz | Poland at very attractive prices. European sound culture can be properly experienced and learned with “Wilhelm” instruments in terms of ear training, feel, and musical expression from the very beginning. An instrument series that accompanies the piano player also far beyond the beginning stage.