Schimmel Wilhelm W206 Grand Piano

A popular placement for the W206 is the recording studio or performance venue conscious of the bottom line & looking for a good return on investment.

Savvy business owners need to look after their classical artists and also cater to jazz musicians, rock & pop and other styles of music. This semi-concert grand piano offers outstanding value as a piano that is not just accepted, but inspiring to perform on, work with and record on.

The W206 has a tonal range unique to its European heritage. It’s versatile and adaptable. A lot of piano brands claim this quality of versatility, but there’s a difference. The Wilhelm W206 is versatile not because it’s bland, but because it has a vast array of tonal colour allowing the artist to play with the sound to get just what they want.

Dimensions: 6’9″x59″ or 2m 6cm x 148cm

Available Finishes: Traditional in Ebony, Mahogany or White.

Features: Traditional cast iron frame ~ 10 Year warranty