Schimmel Wilhelm W123 Upright Piano

You can own a fine European musical instrument of precision that will be treasured and loved by generations.

European warmth and musical richness in a piano that will be a precious asset in your home are embodied in the Schimmel Wilhelm, W123. The fine European traditions of music making run parallel with instrument-making excellence from the region.

When you’re looking for a piano for the entire family, there’s a lot to consider. The W123 will satisfy all your requirements. It will take piano students to the next level, provide an enjoyable instrument for other family members and guests to play on, and be a treasured and aesthetically pleasing instrument on display in the family home. A piece that shows the family holds an important place for music.

Dimensions: 50″x59″x24″ or 123cm x 148cm x 59cm

Available Finishes: Traditional in Ebony or White. Modern Swing in Ebony, Mahogany and White.

Features: Traditional cast iron frame ~ 10 Year warranty