Schimmel Konzert K125 – Upright Piano

As with all the Schimmel Konzert Series instruments, the  K125 will capture you with its sound. This is an upright piano for the highest levels of music-making and performance.

The K125 will enthrall an audience in a smaller performance space and delight the performing musician in small to medium sized rooms used for teaching, rehearsals and chamber music.

A marvellous second piano for a performance artist’s home or studio.

Special Features of the Schimmel Konzert Series

The age of some of the mountain spruce used to make our soundboards is over 300 years old. Only the most resonant wood will be considered, as the soundboards are the heart of the instrument.

Schimmel has a stringent selection process, choosing the wood with the right vibrational properties and stability. This guarantees tonal richness, extremely long speaking length of notes and the excellent durability found in every Schimmel Konzert series piano.

Dimensions: 49″x60″x24″

Available Finishes: Polished Ebony, White or Mahogany

Features: Solid mountain spruce soundboard ~ Mountain spruce backposts ~ Schimmel built action ~ CNC parts built in house ~ Traditional cast iron frame ~ Triplex scale design ~ Dynamic grooved bridges ~ Unique brass capotaster (capo d’astro) in bass ~ 10 Year warranty