Schimmel Fridolin Series

A smart investment for any home or home studio.

The entry into the world of Schimmel – quality from the beginning.

In 1893, Fridolin Schimmel, encouraged by his brother Wilhelm Schimmel, founded his own piano factory in the United States of America. In an intellectual exchange between the brothers, Schimmel instruments were produced there until the 1910s at the same time as the production in Germany – tailored to the American market according to the motto solid, robust and affordable. This motto was renewed by us almost exactly 100 years later in an independent instrument series under the brand “Fridolin”. 

Generally based on the designs of our instrument series “Wilhelm”, Fridolin instruments are manufactured today in Guangzhou | China in one of the most modern and largest piano production facilities in the world. Material selection, production process and the construction have been carefully modified in detail without changing the essential character traits – the result is solid, robust and affordable instruments with an excellent price-performance ratio – quality from the beginning.

You can be confident you are choosing a durable piano when you choose a Fridolin. Materials used in construction are carefully selected. Notable high quality elements are the German Hammer felt and Rösslau strings. Fridolin pianos are backed with confidence by Schimmel’s extended warranty.