Schimmel Classic C213 – Grand Piano

For institutions, venues and individuals who prioritise excellence in music making, the Schimmel Classic C213 can always be relied upon to deliver a top level performance at the player’s command.

It has the tonal range and depth that every pianist needs for a full array of emotional expression.

An ideal performance and studio piano for soloists, collaborative pianists and chamber musicians.

Our largest Classic grand piano the C213 is based on the design characteristics of our full size Konzert grand piano the K280. Essentially, the ‘sound system’ in the middle and treble section, and the action of our Konzert grand piano K280 was partly transferred into the C213 – and with it, the tonal character and the touch of our largest Konzert grand piano.

This outstanding and innovative idea was consequently transferred into every grand piano, down to our smallest in the Classic series, which is unique in the piano world.

Because of this, a pianist receives a part of our full size concert grand in each of our grand piano models. As we manufacture three grand piano sizes in our Classic series we simply call it ‘the unique Schimmel Trilogy’.

Dimensions: 7’0″x60″

Available Finishes: Polished Ebony,Mahogany or White

Features: Bavarian high altitude solid spruce soundboard ~ Triplex system ~ Agraffe and capodastro bar ~ Mineral keytops ~ Ebony sharps ~ Traditional sand cast plate ~ Mass reduced flexible bridge ~ Renner dampers ~ Abel hammers ~ Renner action ~ Schimmel keyboard ~ Solid brass hardware ~ Nickel plated steel tuning pins ~ Agraffe design ~ Soft close fallboard ~ 10 Year warranty