Perzina GP-175

Original price was: $12,899.00.Current price is: $12,399.00.

Year: 2015

Size: 5’10″

Finish: Polished Mahogany

Serial#: 0304473

Beautiful Perzina GP-175 (5’10)  Polished Mahogany Grand Piano.  This piano has been our showroom demonstrator.

PERZINA pianos are an outstanding combination of quality and affordability, bearing the European Standard of Quality (ESQ) seal for containing more than 90% European parts and materials. All Perzina pianos are HANDCRAFTED, giving them unmatched quality in their category. With their innovative “floating soundboard” design, the PERZINA uprights and small grands produce a big sound that belies their size, and feature unrivaled bass sonority.

pete at store2If you would like more information about this Perzina GP-175, please contact our piano specialist, Pete Markowski, at 574.210.9078

This Piano has been cleaned, tuned, regulated, and prepped, to our high standard, by our professional staff. This Perzina GP175 Grand is ready to be enjoyed, for many years to come. Your purchase includes:

  • Matching Bench
  • In Home Tuning
  • Warranty
  • Trade-up option



  • Spruce soundboard
  • German Delignit Pinblock
  • Chromed nickel German Tuning Pins
  • Röslau German strings
  • Wet sand cast or V-pro iron plate
  • Artist adjustable bench