Pramberger LG-157

About Pramberger Pianos: In 1958, Joseph Pramberger started working for Steinway & Sons where he was a design and project engineer, later as VP of manufacturing. His vision was to recapture and recreate sound characteristics of a “Golden Era” Steinway and blend them seamlessly into the technological advantages of the modern age. He was often requested by the bigger names of the piano industry to visit and consult key suppliers and major piano manufacturers in Europe, Japan and Korea, something that he continued to do even in retirement. He would go on to become a Design and Project Engineer and eventually retire as Vice President of Manufacturing for Steinway & Sons and Chairman of the International Technical Exchange Group. 


  • Double felted hammers
  • Brass hardware
  • Agraffe construction
  • All maple action with aluminum action rail
  • 16 ply maple pinblock
  • Traditional sand cast iron plate
  • Spruce keys balanced and weighted
  • Maple bridges with cantilevered bass
  • German Roeslau strings
  • Nickel plated tuning pins
  • Sostenuto pedal
  • Warranty: 10 year limited