Steinway Model O

Brand: Steinway & Sons

Year: 1906

Model: O

Size: 5’10¾″

Finish: Hand Rubbed Satin Mahogany

Serial #:122247

This fully-restored Steinway Model O is a stunning example of Steinway’s commitment to excellence in craftsmanship and design. This piano is has an amazing wood grain that you have to see to believe, with its rich Victorian Style Art Case-style cabinetry and elegant curves. The sound is equally impressive, with a full, warm tone and exceptional touch that has become synonymous with the Steinway name.

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About Steinway:
Steinway & Sons
, founded in Manhattan, New York in 1853 by Heinrich Steinweg, a German piano maker who immigrated from Germany in 1850, has become one of the most prominent piano manufacturers today. The company has received numerous awards and is widely recognized as a leading name in the world of pianos. Having a Steinway in your living room or music studio is sure to be a delightful experience!