Perzina GX187BP 6’2 Walnut Polish


Year: 2007

Size: 6’2″

Finish: Polished Walnut

Serial#: 0301933


New to our showroom floor!  Here we have a very lovely and exquisite find.  Some would consider this to be “New Old Stock”.  It was acquired from a showroom floor, of another dealer, that had closed down.  This 6’2 Perzina grand has a beautiful Walnut Polished finish and features spade legs and a slow-fall key cover.


PERZINA pianos are an outstanding combination of quality and affordability, bearing the European Standard of Quality (ESQ) seal for containing more than 90% European parts and materials. All Perzina pianos are HANDCRAFTED, giving them unmatched quality in their category. With their innovative “floating soundboard” design, the PERZINA uprights and small grands produce a big sound that belies their size, and features unrivaled bass sonority.

If you would like more information about this piano, please contact our piano specialist, Pete Markowski, at 574.210.9078

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