Schimmel Konzert K132 – Upright Piano

The best upright piano you can have

Professional orchestral players invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in their instruments – it’s their voice. As a professional or aspiring pianist, so is your piano. It’s where you shape your performance and reach for new heights in musical experience.

Space doesn’t always allow for a grand, so why not have the best in an upright piano? The K132 also matches wonderfully for 2 piano work with any other piano in the Schimmel Classic or Konzert series.

Schimmel interprets tradition with a contemporary slant. This is embodied in the K132 Tradition. You can hear and see its combination of the traditions of German artisan piano manufacture, with innovative construction and contemporary design. This Elegance in sound, playability and aesthetics will continue to enchant future generations.

The Soundboard is the soul and voice of a piano. In it is concealed the secrets of tone quality and carrying power of a Schimmel grand or upright piano. Schimmel Scale Designs form the basis of extraordinary tone quality. The sound spectrum and timbers are of exemplary richness, enabling the pianist to precisely transform their artistic intentions into sound.
The Backframe Assembly of a Schimmel piano is solidly built and time tested. Together with the heavy cast-iron plate, it bears almost 18 tonnes of string tension. The Schimmel Keyboard and Action Assembly, designed by Schimmel and produced in Germany, features painstakingly optimised leverage ratios and reliability. Its dynamic modulation potential enables the finest nuances in sound.

Dimensions: 52″x60″x24″ or 132cm x 160cm x 60cm

Available Finishes: Traditional in Polished Ebony, Mahogany or White

Features: Solid mountain spruce soundboard ~ Mountain spruce backposts ~ Schimmel built action ~ CNC parts built in house ~ Traditional cast iron frame ~ Triplex scale design ~ Dynamic grooved bridges ~ Unique brass capotaster (capo d’astro) in bass ~ 10 Year warranty