Schimmel Konzert K256 – Grand Piano

A Class of its own

With a compact light of 2.56 meters, the K256 is slightly shorter than the traditional 2.7 meter concert grand. The model is however 16 centimeters longer than the wide range of grand pianos available in the 2.4 meter size. This extra length means greater tonal volume and sonority. This is the perfect alternative model for medium-sized convert halls, churches and for the institutional purposes. This model is certainly a class of its own among the larger concert grands. 

At Schimmel, the characteristics of the hammer-head felts, which influence each piano’s tone, are examined meticulously.

The density and weight of the felt, its tension and simultaneous flexibility, the type of wool used and how that wool is processed, the correct way of cutting the felt and the way it’s moulded. These things are all vitally important for the transfer of energy from the player’s touch to the resonating strings.

Our felt is manufactured using a traditional process. More time-consuming than modern industrial felt manufacture, but the best method to ensure premium-quality felt that is essential for our instruments.

Dimensions: 8’4″x60″

Available Finishes: Polished Ebony

Features: Bavarian high altitude solid spruce soundboard ~ Triplex system ~ Mineral keytops ~ Ebony sharps ~ Traditional sand cast plate ~ Mass reduced flexible bridge ~ Solid brass hardware ~ Nickel plated steel tuning pins ~ Agraffe design ~ 10 Year warranty