Steinway Model B

Brand: Steinway & Sons

Year: 1975

Model: B

Size: 6’11″

Finish: Satin Ebony

Serial #: 439985

This Model B piano has gone through our restoration department Walter Piano Restoration. The action has been rebuilt and regulated to spec. Also, the finished has been rerubbed and looks great. The sound is equally impressive, with a full, warm tone and exceptional touch that has become synonymous with the Steinway name.

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This Steinway piano boasts a stunning case and produces a rich, full, and vibrant sound that is uniquely Steinway. Playing this instrument is a sheer joy—the action is exceptionally quick, and every component functions flawlessly. Whether for a home or a professional facility, this Steinway stands out as one of the most versatile pianos in our showroom. Our expert restoration team at Walter Piano Restoration has meticulously evaluated and addressed every aspect of the instrument, ensuring it is primed for many more years of musical enjoyment. As with all our pre-owned pianos, we’ve meticulously detailed the case and fittings, performed necessary action regulation, and fine-tuned the voicing.

The action has been rebuilt and regulated, and hammers voiced by our master technicians at Walter Piano Restoration and plays like new.

This Satin Ebony, traditional case Steinway B has been inspected and reconditioned by our restoration department by our master technicians. This included:

  • Case Refreshing & Rub-out
  • Action Rebuild and Regulation 
  • Resurfacing the Hammers
  • Aligning Hammers to Strings
  • Leveling Keys, Adjusting Key Dip
  • Adjusting Let-off and Backchecks
  • Cleaning the Strings & Soundboard
  • Polishing the Keytops
  • Tuning and Voicing
  • Polishing hardware

Brand new, this piano costs over $167,400. However, listed here is an excellent piano available for far less!

About Steinway:
Steinway & Sons
, founded in Manhattan, New York in 1853 by Heinrich Steinweg, a German piano maker who immigrated from Germany in 1850, has become one of the most prominent piano manufacturers today. The company has received numerous awards and is widely recognized as a leading name in the world of pianos.

Having a Steinway in your living room or music studio is sure to be a delightful experience!