1911 Straube Nickelodeon Player Piano- OBO


Year: 1911

Size: 57″

Finish: Mahogany and Stained Glass

Serial: #18258

This beautiful 1911 Straube (Chicago) 57″ Nicklodeon player piano is a “One Man Band” designed to play songs from a roll.  Originally known as a “Nickelodeon” player piano, these pianos were often found in saloons, restaurants and dance halls.

This Vintage piano has been customized and features a 2-tier, beautiful set of stained glass panels, so the added instruments can be seen. Bass drum, snare drum, cymbals, wood block, tambourine, lights, and even a xylophone,  come alive to accompany the piano!

The instrument is made of beautiful Mahogany wood and is of the Empire Revival style. It comes with 10 rolls and each roll plays 10 – 15 songs each.

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