Schimmel Konzert K219 – Grand Piano

Discover the perfect balance of sound and artistry

For brilliant chamber music and collaborative music making, all musicians involved should be comfortable and confident in the capabilities of their instrument.

Using a concert grand in a smaller ensemble can give the pianist the responsiveness they want,  but can be difficult to control dynamically, especially in a chamber music setting.

You can have the perfect balance of sound and artistry with the Schimmel K 219. A performance piano unrivalled for chamber music and solo work in mid-sized performance spaces. When painting on a smaller canvas or a huge one, a visual artist still wants a complete range of colours to work with. The pianist is no different. Our colour is the tonal palette.

The amazing Schimmel Konzert concept gives every pianist the comfort, confidence and the colour for a thrilling musical experience. Even in the smaller grands, the pianist still has access to the full sized concert grand action for ultimate responsiveness, and the tonal colour is never compromised.